Natural Products In Medicinal Chemistry

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The inspiration provided by biologically active natural products to conceive of hybrids, congeners, analogs and unnatural variants is discussed by experts in the field in 16 highly informative chapters

From the content Part I Natural Products as Sources of Potential Drugs and Systematic Compound Collections Part II From Marketed Drugs to Designed Analogs and Clinical Candidates Part III Natural Products as an Incentive for Enabling Technologies Part IV Natural Products as Pharmacological Tools Part V Nature The Provider, the Enticer, and the Healer

The examples are chosen so as to represent a wide range of natural products with therapeutic relevance among others, as anticancer agents, antimicrobials, antifungals, antisense nucleosides, antidiabetics, and analgesics

Using well-documented studies over the past decade, this timely monograph demonstrates the current importance and future potential of natural products as starting points for the development of new drugs with improved properties over their progenitors

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